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2017 California Triple Crown Calendar
10/1/17California Triple Crown Awards BreakfastCalTripleCrown
10/7/17Best of the Bay Double CenturyCherry City Cyclists
10/14/17Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club
10/21/17Solvang Autumn DoublePlanet Ultra
12/2/17Dead of Winter DoubleLA Wheelmen
2018 California Triple Crown Calendar
The Rides below are for the 2018 California Triple Crown
The California Triple Crown is awarded on a Calendar Year Basis
The Rides below can not be used to complete your 2017 California Triple Crown
2/17/18Camino Real DoublePlanet Ultra
3/10/18Joshua Tree Double CenturyMountain High Cycling
3/17/18Solvang Spring DoublePlanet Ultra
4/7/18Southern Inyo Double CenturyHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends
4/14/18Mulholland DoublePlanet Ultra
4/21/18Hemet D.C.Jim Watrous
4/28/18Devil Mountain DoubleQuackcyclists
5/12/18Central Coast DoubleBMS Cycling
5/19/18Davis DoubleDavis Bike Club
5/19/18Heartbreak DoublePlanet Ultra
6/2/18Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra
6/16/18Terrible TwoSanta Rosa Cycling Club
6/23/18Grand TourLA Wheelmen
6/30/18Alta Alpina 8 Pass ChallengeAlta Alpina Cycling Club
7/21/18Borrego Double CenturyMountain High Cycling
8/25/18Carmel Valley DoubleXeDapViet Cycling Club
9/8/18White Mountain DoubleNdZONE
10/13/18Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club
10/20/18Solvang Autumn DoublePlanet Ultra
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