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"Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades."
Eddy Merckx


You are cordially invited to the 2017 California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast

Please join us to honor:

The 2017 California Triple Crown Stage Race Winners

The Class of 2017 California Triple Crown Hall of Fame Inductees

The Class of 2017 California Triple Crown 100 Double Century Inductees

The Class of 2017 California Triple Crown 150 Double Century Inductees

Sunday, October 1, 2017 from 7:30am to 10am.
Under the gazebo in Pena Adobe Park, Vacaville, California
Where the Knoxville Fall Classic Double Century will Start and Finish the day before

Please come and recognize these amazing cyclists then
stay until the end of the Breakfast for photos
We will wrap it up before 10am.


Race Cut versions of the Gold Thousand Mile Club Jerseys can now be ordered in both the 3/4 Zipper and Full Length Zipper versions on the California Triple Crown Web Site. Just click "Order It Now" HERE

If you plan to complete the requirements for this jersey by finishing 5 Double Centuries and volunteering at one before the end of the year, you can place your order for this beautiful jersey now.

The due date for these orders is Saturday, October 7. The orders will then be placed with Voler and shipped when they arrive in December.

Thanks to the very good work of Charlie Irwin, the California Triple Crown Software Guy, everyone's History Reports have been greatly enhanced!!

For example, check out Charlie Griffice's extremely impressive History Report HERE

Note the following new information:
First CTC Double
First CTC Winner Double
First CTC Gold Winner Double
First CTC Double Volunteer
25th Double
50th Double
75th Double
100th Double
125th Double
150th Double
175th Double
# CTC Doubles Finished
# CTC Doubles Volunteered
# Years CTC Winner
# Years Gold CTC Winner
CTC Hall of Fame
CTC Gold Thousand Mile Club

In particular, please note that the 25th Double will now be highlighted giving everyone a little more motivation to make it to the half way point on the road to the Hall of Fame with 50 Doubles!!


The 2017 California Triple Crown Stage Race is in the books.

63 Riders started the First Stage on the Mulholland Double and only 42 finished the extremely difficult Double Century with over 18,000 Feet of Climbing!!

Of those, only 13 went on and were able to finish the Second Stage on the Oceanside Double where the weather conditions were brutally tough with a gail force headwind heading into Borrego Springs causing riders to walk their bikes up Montezuma, and lots of wind, rain, and sub-45 degree temperatures afterwards.

Of those 13, only 10 went on and finished the Third Stage on the Terrible Two. Bill Oetinger wrote: "Just how hot was it? The official highs were 101 Degrees in Cloverdale and Sebastopol and 102 Degrees in Healdsburg. Add a few degrees for the real-world, real-feel up on the exposed walls on Skaggs Springs after lunch and you have a classic TT crock pot: a slow cooker that turned many a rider into the human equivalent of a well-done pot roast.The bake-oven weather turned a small field of starters (96 entered and 89 actual starters) into an even smaller field of finishers. Only 29 riders made it in by the old standard cut-off of 10:00 PM (32%), earning their coveted "I Did It!" t-shirts. Another 12 made it in before 11 for CTC credit, for a full-field finishing rate of only 46%. That ranks right up there as one of the nastiest Terrible Twos on record. Anyone who finished this one can stand very proud and anyone who didn't finish it has no reason to hang their head. It was a very tough day."

After completing the three brutally tough stages of the 2017 California Triple Crown Stage Race, the following riders are on the podiums:
2017 Overall Division:
1-Mark Christopherson
2-Kirsten McDaniel
3-Samer Rezkalla

2017 Women's Division:
1-Kirsten McDaniel

2017 Tandem Division:
No Finishers

2017 Recumbent Division:
No Finishers

2017 Fixed Gear Division:
No Finishers

Plaques will be awarded to those on the podiums at the California Triple Crown Awards Breakfast on 10/01/17.

Photos and all of the results are HERE

Congratulations to each of these 10 extremely tough cyclists who completed the 2017 California Triple Crown Stage Race:

2 - MCDANIEL, KIRSTEN 3:12 back
3 - REZKALLA, SAMER 4:03 back
4 - REED, EDWARD 5:11 back
5 - CARAGAO, ROEHL 5:37 back
6 - CHUML, MARK 8:44 back
7 - ARMOR, JOHN 9:20 back
8 - JACOBSON, RICK 9:44 back
Tied for 9 - DIONISIO, ARNEL 13:32 back
Tied for 9- VILLAFLOR, MAR 13:32 back

To complete the California Triple Crown Stage Race is a HUGE Accomplishment in cycling!!

Thank you to Deb and Brian Bowling and Planet Ultra, Anny Beck and Mountain High Cycling, and the Santa Rosa Cycling Club for hosting the 2017 California Triple Crown Stage Race.


The results of all of the 2017 Double Centuries so far this year except for the Hemet D.C. have been posted to the California Triple Crown Database. The Hemet D.C. will be posted soon.

You can order your California Triple Crown products by simply going to www.CalTripleCrown.com ... Products ... Decide what you'd like to order and in what sizes ... On any of the product pages, click "Order It Now" at the bottom of the page ... Login ... Add the items to your shopping cart ... and check out. If you have any questions, e-mail our Customer Services Team at cbrams (at) caltriplecrown (dot) com and Chuck will give you a hand. The California Triple Crown Store is open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

Wear your hard earned California Triple Crown Apparel with great pride after earning it the hard way!!


Congratulations to the 2017 California Triple Crown Winners shown HERE

And even more Congratulations to the 2017 California Triple Crown Gold Thousand Mile Club Winners
shown HERE
Be a Gold Thousand Mile Club Winner in 2017!!

2018 California Triple Crown Calendar
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4/28/18Devil Mountain Double
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5/12/18Central Coast DoubleBMS Cycling02/01/18None04/30/1805/10/18UnkownVolunteer
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5/19/18Heartbreak DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/1803/25/1804/29/1805/17/18UnkownVolunteer
6/2/18Eastern Sierra DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/1804/22/1805/13/1805/31/18UnkownVolunteer
6/9/18Tour of Two Forests DoublePlanet Ultra01/01/18NoneNone06/07/18UnkownVolunteer
6/16/18Terrible Two
Stage Race Event
Santa Rosa Cycling Club03/01/18None06/01/1806/11/18UnkownVolunteer
6/23/18Grand TourLA Wheelmen04/01/18None06/10/1806/23/1807/14/18Volunteer
6/30/18Alta Alpina 8 Pass ChallengeAlta Alpina Cycling Club12/01/1712/31/1705/01/1806/27/1807/28/18Volunteer
7/21/18Borrego Double CenturyMountain High Cycling12/01/1705/21/1807/01/1807/21/1807/20/18Volunteer
7/28/18Southern Inyo by Moonlight DoubleHugh Murphy -- Kermit Ganier and Friends11/22/17NoneNone07/28/18UnkownVolunteer
8/4/18Mt. Tam Double
Stage Race Event
Marin Cyclists Club02/10/18NoneNone07/25/1808/11/18Volunteer
8/25/18Carmel Valley DoubleXeDapViet Cycling Club 04/01/18NoneNone08/17/1809/08/18Volunteer
9/22/18Beach City DoubleNdZONE02/14/1807/07/1809/07/1809/22/18UnkownVolunteer
9/29/18Knoxville Fall Classic DoubleQuackcyclists07/01/1808/31/1809/01/1809/24/1809/22/18Volunteer
9/30/18California Triple Crown Awards BreakfastCalTripleCrownNoneNoneNoneNoneUnkownVolunteer
10/6/18Best of the Bay Double CenturyCherry City Cyclists04/01/1804/30/1808/01/1810/01/1810/20/18Volunteer
10/13/18Bass Lake Powerhouse DoubleFresno Cycling Club03/01/1809/01/1810/01/1810/13/18UnkownVolunteer
10/20/18Solvang Autumn DoublePlanet Ultra04/15/1808/01/1810/01/1810/16/18UnkownVolunteer
10/27/18Oceanside Double CenturyMountain High Cycling01/01/1809/01/1810/01/1810/27/18UnkownVolunteer
12/1/18Dead of Winter DoubleLA Wheelmen08/01/18NoneNoneNone12/08/18Volunteer
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