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Chuck Bramwell
The California Triple Crown Guy

1987Death Valley by Moonlight: My First Century on my Schwinn Varsity in December
1988Solvang Century with my good buddy, Bob "The Great Rosini" Rose
1989Ride Around the Bear: Rain & Snow at Big Bear and Onyx Summit
1989First Double Century: Lowland Grand Tour with my good buddy, Bob "The Great Rosini" Rose
1989RAGBRAI: Ride Across Iowa with my good buddy, Bob "The Great Rosini" Rose
1990PAC Tour Southern Transcontinental Huntington Beach to Savannah Beach - I rode every mile Across America but 5 miles on Day 3: Needles, CA to Ashfork, AZ 160 Miles with infamous Lightning, Thunder, and Huge Hail Storm. We were riding with Lon Haldeman only to be pulled off the road by Arizona Highway Patrol in the dark just 5 miles short of Ashfork.
1991PAC Tour Southern Transcontinental - Days 1 and 2 Huntington Beach to Blythe
1992PAC Tour Northern Transcontinental - First 8 Days including the infamous Lightning, Thunder, Hail, and Snowstorm on the Big Horns!!
1992California Land Rush - San Francisco to Los Angeles - 400 Miles - 2 Days - Rode every mile then passed out from total body exhaustion in the car at LAX
1992Became the Executive Director of the California Triple Crown
1993Tour of Two Forests #13: Rain, Snow, Hail, and Sleet - One of only 22 Finishers thanks to Hugh Murphy driving with his headlights behind me in a downpour
1995PAC Tour Ridge of the Rockies: El Paso, Texas to Calgary, Canada - Rode every mile
1995Breathless Agony Century Route Co-Designer with Robert Kahler
1996Markleeville Death Ride - Rode all 5 Passes
1998200K, 300K, 400K, 600K Brevets
1998PAC Tour Training Camp in Sierra Vista, Arizona
1998California Triple Crown Stage Race Finisher - 15th Place Finish
1999200K, 300K, 400K, 600K, Fleche-Velo Brevets
1999Super Randonneur Award for the full set of Brevets
1999Paris-Brest-Paris - Rode 780 Miles in 67 Hours Unsupported - A magnificent ride
1999Furnace Creek 508 - 4-Man Team Tibia
2000PAC Tour Central Transcontinental - Rode 3,117 Miles in 25 Days for an average of 124 Miles / Day - Climbed 95,340 Feet for an average of 3,813 Feet / Day - Had a epic time with my good cycling friends, Ken Bartholic and Cheryl McMurray


"There is nothing a good day of cycling won't cure."

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